Who Has The Reigns On Your Business?

So I just finally got into see the new movie called Exodus. While part of the storyline was spot on according to the Bible, there are other parts that didn't seem quite in alignment. Regardless, there was one part of the movie that was very significant for me. There is this struggle between Moses and God. God wants Moses to free the Hebrews. Moses definitely wasn’t on board in the beginning, but after some “wrestling” with God, he agreed to follow God. It's funny... as Moses tried to NOT step up to his calling, I could feel the resistance in my own life with God.

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How Involved Are You In Your It Works Business?

My girlfriend, Catherine joined my team just about two years ago. Catherine and I were on a team together in high school too, just playing basketball instead. As I read her blog, I could totally relate with the various levels of involvement people fall into with in our company. Honestly it's not just about It Works as much as it is about any business or team you choose to be involved in. So often people change companies thinking the company, the product or even the comp plan is the issue. In reality it comes down to YOU deciding you not only have what it takes, but are willing to go to work. Bottom line: it's about belief and action!

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What is Network Marketing or Referral Marketing?

We are big fans of Michigan State. I went to the mall to grab a few Sparty t-shirts and ran into a woman wearing yoga clothes from head to toe. Instantly I thought of my PureBarre class and wondered if she knew about it. I asked her if she had ever heard of PureBarre, and she immediately asked if there was a local franchise. I was able to share with her about my class and the schedule, etc… It felt good. Number one, I knew it would help her, but number two, I knew it would help the local PureBarre franchise. What they are doing through this program is such a good thing! Of course I want them to get business and stay open for years to come. I love the girls that train us and I know this workout has done so much for me physically, but also countless others strengthen to their core, lose weight, look fantastic and so much more. I get excited to share something with the world that I'm passionate about and is working for me, especially those already headed down this path of wellness and so on.

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Say “WHEN” To Succeed

NEVER EVER QUIT on yourself or on your team. The only one who hurts the worst is you. That's right! I believe the only way you fail is if you quit. I was reminded of this at a team training of over 1500 people that when you start an at home business, whether you have ever done direct sales or not, you don't get in and say "IF," but rather you commit to "when." Let me break this down farther.

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The Power of “Wow Factor” Followup. Learn How to Use It!

I often find myself in a conversation with fellow business owners about followup, and specifically the kind of followup that one is doing. It’s working, the relationship is growing and out of the blue there is no more communication. The lead or the prospect stops responding. I’m sure we are not the only ones that experience this. No, as a matter of fact it’s a very normal thing in any kind of sales or marketing job. Well let’s just get real for a minute: I think this is normal for any kind of work with “people!”

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Why It Works! May Be the Perfect Company For You!

Looking for a solid home business? Why It Works! may just be the perfect company for you! Find out how to make $500 in your first 60 days. Watch this quick video to learn the It Works! system.

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Kami Dempsey’s 2014 Year In Review

"WHAT A YEAR! Is it really true that 2014 is coming to a close? Is Christmas really in just a few short days? Where has the time gone? As I was looking back through pictures over the last year, I was brought to tears. It's an understatement to say, "It Works! has changed our lives!" It's made such a huge impact. Not only for us and our family, but for our team, our extended family, our friends, our church, our community and I just cannot believe this is really happening. In March, Nathan and I will have been with It Works! for 9 years. Never in my wildest dreams did I see us here. We didn't get here over night. We have worked very hard. We have made many investments. We have been very intentional with our time. It's never been a matter of "if" it would work, only “when” it would work, and what that might look like for us.

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10 Business Tips You Need to Know This Holiday Season

"Business doesn’t slow down during the holidays. Distributors do… but leaders don’t”. - Lynette Molina We all love new, fresh ideas. Here are 10 business tips you need to know this holiday season!

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Business Building 101

Network Marketing is and always has been a belly-to-belly business. Think of all the events, parties and get-togethers you will attend over the next month or so. The amount of opportunity you will have to network and build your "List" is unreal. That's why I love this business! In Direct Sales, MLM or whatever you want to call it, we get paid to build relationships and make NEW friends! So here is your tip:

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5 Ways To Channel Your Weight-Loss Motivation Into Your IWG Career

You just watched the latest episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, and you’re feeling ultra-inspired to hit the gym.

The only issue is… Unlike the contestants of these shows, you don’t have major pounds to shed!

Your […]