I read this resolution for the New Year and wanted to share it with you: “Stop being so well behaved.  Let loose and live your life.  Open your heart.  Feel more. Forget about doing it right in the coming year.  Do it happy instead.”
For many years,  the holidays were my goal setting days for the upcoming year. Armed with pad and pen I would spent many hours on Christmas Day and New Years day writing out my personal goals and ambitions.  Ultimately what I really desired in my life was freedom.  Freedom from ever working a job again.  Freedom from money worries. Freedom to work and play wherever and whenever I choose.  I found my free life thru Itworks in around ten years ago.  Freedom has given me the opportunity for abundant inner happiness in life.
On the uncrowded highway to financial and time freedom I learned that I had to take total and absolute responsibility for the trip if I were to arrive at my destination as fast as possible.   The destination was  Diamond.  There were no shortcuts.
Here are a few observations that might assist you in getting to the serious money the Itworks opportunity is absolutely paying out:
Get to the top of the payplan. Be a  Ambassador.   Make that an absolute goal.  That is where the big money lives in Itworks.
Go fulltime as soon as you can.  You cannot become a Diamond or better on a part time effort.
I never would have been here today if I didn’t make that move.  I am directing this at you Diamonds or better who are doing all kind of other things.   Even  if you love your job, your little business, your hobbies, your sport, or whatever make a resolution to quit it TODAY and promise yourself you will not return to whatever “it” is until you are a  Ambassador.
Invest more time in your business.  It takes about a 60 hour a week investment to attain Ambassador. Surprised? You need to be on the telephone prospecting, meeting people and traveling.    Show me anyone with a $500,000 a year self employment  income who worked less  hours to get there!
Invest some money back into your business.   You need tools.  You need to pay for travel.  NEVER wait for an It Works! Training.  Organize your own Super Saturdays and get your distributors to all contribute to that room cost.
Make new contacts every day.  Use the telephone.  Get out on the street and go meet new people.  Have some fun with this!   If you are working an online system add in travel time to meet. bond and  work with your enrollees.  If your current enrollment program is not working you need to change it.  I have built my business through meeting people.  I chased the business on the telephone and then I did meetings.  Lots of meetings and events.  How many miles did you put on your car last year?   How many Saturdays were you on the road doing It Works! meetings or were you sitting at home and drinking coffee wondering why you are not a Diamond?
Build a local business.  Get a weekly, bi-weekly or at least a monthly Business Opportunity meeting started.  People want to belong to something.   When you have a Business Opportunity the first positive activity is your Distributors re-enroll themselves in the business.  Some of our new It Works! leaders are doing weekly ‘It Works!” meetings in living rooms 7 days a week!   We are in the relationship marketing business.   Remember, 9 out of 10 people are “visual learners” and this is why you need to be there in person to train them!
This is a biggie.  Self Improvement.  Work on YOU, Inc!  Eliminate ALL negative self talk.  Ignore the less than flattering comments of people who do not HONOR  you, your goals and dreams in life.   This is a people business!  Polish up your act.  Act like an  Ambassador.    Dress for success.   Master Selling the Dream of Financial Freedom to people!   Drive a nice car.  Become a great listener.  Edify your team leaders!   Love them!  Develop an upbeat attitude.  Be the kind of person who lights up a room when you walk in.     Recognize the achievers!   Have a “book of the month” club.   If you get just 1% better every day then on January 1,  2009 you will be 365% better as a leader than you are today!
Get out of the manager mode.  Lead by example.   If you are serious about becoming a  Diamond or better then you should invest 90% of your time either working with your next Diamond and searching for new Distributors to personally enroll who will either become an Diamond or lead you to a Diamond.  Period. DO NOT waste valuable time with people who are not available to help you achieve your goal.   The good news is your real leaders don’t need much of your time once they are moving and working toward Diamond.
“All too may people fail to realize that failing to do what is required of you when you have the ability to do so, is one of the biggest breaches of your personal integrity.  Making excuses for your lack of business growth, which are untrue, but are instead cover-up for your lack of real effort is another breach of your integrity.  Making untrue excuses for not attending Briefings and trainings is another breach of integrity.  Slacking off in your personal business building efforts hoping someone you enroll will do what you are no longer doing is a breach of your integrity.  Blaming others for your failures or setbacks is another breach of integrity.  It is acting like you have not been taught that failure and setbacks are the two horses you must ride to the finish line.  You have been taught that truth.  So, blaming and complaining is a form of psychological projection designed to take the spotlight off one’s poor performance and shine it instead on the company or other people.  The business, whether your own team or the company without problems is the business without opportunity.  The people who endured and helped to resolve the issues on their way to success are now controlling the wealth.  Therefore, the winner prepares himself mentally and emotionally to endure and to eventually overcome the obstacles; while the losers are unwilling to include and endure the same.

Wisdom is knowing the way things are but not yet the way we wish things to be
.  Thus, the winner pushes himself on with no retreat from effort until the problems are solved.  The losers will pause or completely stop and allow themselves to be emotionally dominated by “what is not yet right.”  What follows is a loss of enthusiasm for their dreams and a rapid spiral into a caldron of negativity where the only outcome is failure.”

Make it a Great New Year…live with passion as always the choice is uniquely yours,

Thank you Rusty for sharing this with us! You’re an inspiration.